visionICs single photon 1D dToF chip VI5300 was mass-produced


VI5300 is a single-photon 1D dToF optical sensor released by visionICs, which has been mass-produced and has been commercially-launched in a wide range of industries such as smart phones, smart sweepers and smart homes. VI5300 is based on the direct time of Flight method (dToF) ranging principle, SiP package design, internal integrated SPAD (single photon avalanche diode) receiving array and VCSEL laser emitter. The sensor can make accurate distance measurements on objects, with accuracy independent of object color, reflectivity and texture, and can work in dark environments and strong sunlight. The VI5300 delivers precise distance measurements up to 4 meters and ranges up to 90Hz, making it ideal for space-compact design applications such as camera laser focusing (LDAF), presence sensing, industrial ranging, laser navigation and inventory monitoring.